Brand Management

Branding and Brand Management | Sage Design GroupWhat name, image, term or value does your audience connect with? What sets you apart from your competitors? A strong brand or image is one of your most valuable assets. Branding you or your organization helps consumers recall and recognize your USP (unique selling proposition).

Brand Management | Sage Design Group | Your brand helps your audience define who you are, what you do, what differentiates you from your competitors, and the unique value you provide. The power of your brand helps you gain a stronger position in your niche market and communicate clear messages that engage prospects and motivate them to buy.

The Branding Process

Building a strong brand requires careful thought, planning, extensive research, testing, refinement and maintenance. Attempting to launch a brand without a clear strategy or objective can be disastrous and result in a lot of noise and static. Outlined below are the foundational phases of creating a brand identity that will resonate with your customers.

Branding Process | Sage Design Group

Ideation – Generating, developing and communicating new ideas.

Discovery – Researching and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of brands in your market to develop your own.

Discussion – Brainstorming with stakeholders: customers, suppliers and partners.

Definition – Determining the brand position and USP (unique selleing proposition), objectives, differentiation, credibility, and personality (what for, whom, and why?)

Development – Building a communication strategy that conveys the business objectives.

Presentation – Creating consistent visual brand identity standards (logo, colors, style, imagery, and content)

Deployment – Implementing the programs outlined in the marketing communications strategy across chosen media channels.

Observation – Monitoring consumer behavior and competitive response. Collecting data and tracking results.

Evaluation – Analyzing data and measuring the brand’s overall performance.

Improvement – Making revisions and adjustments for stronger positioning, better traction, and reaching higher potentials for your brand image.

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